Santiago de Compostela - the origami list

  1. Day #1 Gifts!
  2. Bag
  3. Box to store origami
  4. Accreditation
  5. Cutter
  6. Marc and Oriol
  7. Joel and me
  8. Giant star at the hotel
  9. Giant firework
  10. Awesome shirt fort friends group : Origami Always Succeed
  11. The OAS is complete, Enrique arrived
  12. I'm over excited
  13. First workshop : Roman Diaz
  14. For those little fishes
  15. After the workshop we go to the inauguration of an origami exhibition
  16. Kusudamas
  17. Tessellations
  18. Owls
  19. Foxes
  20. Bears
  21. Musicians
  22. Holy shit!
  23. Then diner and folding with beers
  24. Quyet Hoang Tien and Joao Charua
  25. Rose by Qyet, folded by me
  26. Rhyno another guy taught us
  27. Rhyno having fun
  28. OAS have weekly challenge and last one was "copulation" (see why they are my friends?)
    Marc came up with that. He taught us how to make it.
  29. I saw two centipedes in my room and got to bed at 3, now it's 8 and let day #2 start!
  30. Models from the convention exhibition
  31. Day 2 : Workshop 1 Isa Klein
  32. Workshop 2 Roman Diaz
  33. Workshop 3 Marc Vigo
  34. Workshop 4 Enrique Martinez
  35. First in line for the wine tasting
  36. Folding in bars
  37. Bat
  38. Sleeping dog but mine is peeing too
  39. Dirty origami for @jennifergster
  40. Vulture
  41. Day 3 first workshop was a model by Daniela Carboni in earrings
  42. Second workshop was Victor Coeurjoly. We made this guys
  43. A raie manta
  44. And this bird
  45. 3rd workshop was Joel Garcia. We folded a swimmer
    Then Joel asked Roman Diaz to choose the best swimmer of the class to win a prize and he picked mine!!! (@Jaycer17 this day is dedicated to you)
  46. And a dress with cleavage
  47. Joel's harem
  48. Last workshop was a wild boar by Oriol Esteve
  49. At night there was a very special diner!
  50. 1 am, Roman Diaz teaching us his rooster in a bar/night club! I was seating next to him!
  51. My horribly folded rooster
  52. And at 2am back to the hotel Roman gave us all little gifts!!
    Look at the very cute handmade wrapping!
  53. Day 4. First workshop in a cube embedded in a dodecahedron by J. Ignacio Royo
  54. Then animal hats by HT Quyết
  55. HT Quyết and Isa Klein ❤️
  56. Oriol taught us the arctic fox over coffees
  57. It's an origami guys love
  58. Willie showed us this cool Pandora's box
  59. Grown ups playing
  60. Roman Diaz's frogs with Oriol's crowns
    Game of thrones
  61. Joel's sexy dress, Marc's cat head and Oriol's crown
  62. THE END!
  63. The group picture!