Short Storys From My Comicbooks #1

For two years I drew a strip everyday about my life and my couple. I'm gonna put some of my strips here, but my comics are mostly in French so I'll put the ones with not too much dialogs. There's a lot of stories about struggle, issues, working on our relationship but you'll have to learn French for these.
  1. A musical one
  2. "Even if we end up being bums drawing everyday, I'll still love you."
  3. " If I was a cat, I would just have to shake off my hair to get rid of my winter hair!"
  4. "Oh my god, no! That's not humanly possible!" "Ah shit!" 1/2 (This one is for @courtneymoss)
  5. "Pfff I'm a huge hippo!" 2/2
  6. Sick home with my cat
  7. " I'm on holiday, I'm 29." "I live in my 1 bedroom boyfriend's apartment and all my stuff is in storage" "what happens now?" 1/2
  8. 2/2
  9. "Hmmm I wake up and I'm in a good mood!" "That's shifty!"
  10. "An other victory of the Doudou Team!" 1/3
  11. "We should have uniforms for the Doudou Team!" 2/3
  12. 3/3
  13. Peanut version of my boyfriend and me. (This one is for @nathanveshecco)