My 14 months old nephew (and his parents) has been at my mom's for a couple of weeks and I am constantly amazed so I need to brag!
  1. He doesn't talk a lot : just dada and mama
    Actually he talks ALL THE TIME but it sounds like : "varoom Daroom brr ad ba"
  2. But his parents taught him some sign language for the babies
    Babies pick up on that way faster and it's awesome!
  3. So he signs when he wants to eat
    This one is the most used as you can guess!
  4. He signs when he wants to drink
    Well it sometimes looks like eating so you just have to try to give him water!
  5. He signs when he wants to sleep
    Every day, I AM NOT KIDDING! Have you ever seen a baby asking for nap time??!
  6. He signs when he's going to take a bath
    Not all the time but it happens
  7. He signs when he wants more!
    This one is a little far from it : he waves his right arm up and down. But he uses that a lot.
  8. He signs when he wants us to sing
    This one he invented : he points his finger and moves his arm up and down. This is because of the song "5 little monkeys" his parents sing to him often. He does this one all the time!
  9. He signs for daddy
    Not often
  10. He signs for mummy
    Same. But he knows the words so maybe there's no use?
  11. Unrelated : he made his real first steps two days ago and now he's walking half the time!!! ❤️
    And we got to see all that happening!!!