Requested by @ChrisK
Chris made this list yesterday : FUN OFFICE SUPPLIES YOU DON'T SEE MUCH ANYMORE and I said that I use my bone folder all the time. Thank you for the request, it's a great way to share my love for this objet!
  1. Here's my bone folder which I mainly use for origami purposes
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  2. You can make this for instance
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  3. But I also use it to make my self-published zines
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  4. By the way my zines are the reason I possess and also love a big ass stapler
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  5. Back to the bone folder
  6. Let's try to think about 10 ways to use it
  7. 1. obviously to draw a line with it to facilitate the folding
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  8. 2. to actually fold with it, to flatten the fold.
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  9. 3. to perfect corners in origami. I place the folder inside and help bring out a corner
  10. 4. To calm an itch
  11. 5. You can totally hold your hair with it
  12. 6. Draw in the mud or sand
  13. 7. Gently spank your loved one
  14. 8. Play battery on your desk
  15. 9. Do some eyes exercises by looking at it while you move it.
  16. 10. Have fun saying its French name which I love as much as the objet itself : plioir ! (2 ways of pronouncing it : Pleey-wa-rh or plee-wa-rh)