The first time I did something forbidden/illegal

I sent a bunch of these list requests! If you didn't receive one it's just that I was too lazy to request a LOT of people, sorry!! But please make your list too!
  1. I was very young, maybe 6
  2. We were at a shop that sell glasses. I think my brother was trying on new glasses
  3. I was a little bored
  4. And I saw a bowl...
  5. ...filled with candies!
  6. You know this kind of candies : you're supposed to take one free when you buy something at the store
  7. I took a whole fistful of them
  8. And I put them in the inside pocket of my coat
  9. Nobody saw me!
  10. I'm gonna have so much candy back at home!!!
  11. Yeah!
  12. Wait...
  13. What is that?
  14. Conscience?
  15. It's bad to steal?
  16. Yes but... Candies!
  17. Yeah yeah... I know... It's really bad
  18. I'm gonna put them back.
  19. But these stupid candies were wrapped in some kind of metallic looking wrapping.
  20. So when I reached for them in my pocket to put them back
  21. somehow my mother must have been closer to me that when I took them
  22. She heard the sound of the wrappings
  23. And then the classical movie scene:
  24. "Show me what's in your hands!"
  25. "Nothing..."
  26. "Show me your hands!"
  27. *showing one hand*
  28. "Show me both and open then!"
  29. I did and became red while muttering my explanation that I was actually giving them back
  30. My mom was a saint because she actually believed I was putting them back
  31. Well she still got a mad because of the stealing part at first
    And she was probably feeling bad that her daughter stole something and all the employees witnessed it
  32. And I was also so ashamed that the store employees watched all that
  33. It was enough punishment that I never ever again tried to steal from a store
  34. Even if all I tried to steal was some free stuff!
  35. (However I sometimes "borrowed" little stuff from workplaces...) 😳