Inspired by @ChrisK
  1. Learning to sew and creating 60 natural heatable teddy bears. Selling everyone of them!
    I was on unemployment and it helped me live for a few months!
  2. Going all by myself to New York City for two weeks in 2009.
    It was the first time I went somewhere alone in my life I think. I was 24. And it was for two weeks ! An it was like 6000 miles away from home, in a totally unknown country!
  3. Going all by myself to New York City for three months in 2010.
    I remember standing on the roof at my job at a music label in the lower east side and thinking : I'm really happy and I know it, like right now!
  4. Overcoming my social phobia
    You can never say it's totally gone but life is significantly easier now!
  5. I'm more and more able to be myself and to be actually proud of me.
    I think I'm a great human being and I should not be afraid to show it, now.