1. The one I am finding myself needing so often
  2. The dismayed/ appalled one
  3. When someone did something unbelievably stupid
  4. When I am ashamed in a funny way
  5. Those are close but not what I'm looking for :
  6. 🙄🤔😔😳😮😓😲
  7. I'm looking for something like :
  8. 🙄 this but with an angry/amused look
  9. 😳 this with the jaw falling
  10. 😔 this with semi open eyes and shaking it's head
  11. 😓 this with a hand on its head
  12. Something to demonstrate periods
    A tampon?
    Suggested by @hannatalonen
  13. A tiny uterus emoji is what I live to see some day. 🙏🏼
    Suggested by @hkelley