The most stalker-y things I've done

Aka from crushing to stalking, aka real shameful stories...
  1. Finding a picture of my crush online and saving it because I didn't have any picture of them
  2. Going trough the fb profile of the girlfriend of a crush
  3. Looking for the address of a crush on the white pages
  4. Being in the bus with them and Actually considering following a crush to their home to know where they lived
  5. Hacking my ex boyfriend's email to find out the truth
  6. Deep googling : name, surname, and when that doesn't work email address, old email address, name of someone related to them...
    I don't like to find nothing when I start looking for something. It was rarely interesting though... And stupid. Online stuff does not make you discover someone...
  7. Befriending a younger girl to have access to her brother
    Twice. But the first time I was really friend with her. The second not... I'm sorry... I WAS 12 OKAY! Give me a break! And we're talking about the guy I still have occasional dreams about, you know!
  8. Drawing the guy's neck in college when he was seated in front of me
    I wish I could have drawn his face, such a smile 😍 I've never felt like this just looking at someone
  9. Looking up informations at my job on students (one I found cute and one I wanted to be friends with)
    Became friends with the girl but not by using said informations!
  10. Of course, none of those actions helped me in any way to get a guy
  11. Actually I didn't stalk/creep on any of the 3 persons I dated in my life. When it's the right ones, there is no need.
    Expect for the ex with the emails but it was after and I would never do it again, the truth is bad sometimes...
  12. I mostly did it because I'm shy and I'm a dreamer.
  13. Yes, it comes to this
  14. I like to daydream about possible prince charmings
  15. And that's all it is :)
  16. The persons I looked up never knew about it
  17. Maybe they would have liked to know someone was daydreaming about them...