The ocean

  1. When you put your first foot in the water and it is sooo cold
  2. When the waves go back and forth and your feet go deeper and deeper in the sand
  3. When you go very slowly into the water and when the time is right you just jump all in
  4. When the salt hurts your eyes
  5. When you see little fishes around you
  6. When you lie on your back and spread your arms and legs and just floats, offering your body to the ocean
  7. When you've been in the water for thirty minutes and even swimming doesn't warm you up anymore and you're shaking but you want to stay in the water.
  8. When you look at the horizon and think about infinity
  9. When you look at the landscapes and enjoy how incredible the world is
  10. When you go out of the water and the air is so warm on your body
  11. When you lie down on your towel all breathed out and a little lightheaded and let the sun dry you
  12. When your whole body is dry and salted
  13. When you make sand castle and other sand related fun
  14. When you find a really beautiful shell
  15. When you watch the sun sets on the ocean
  16. When you're with friends and everything is 10 times better
  17. When you go out after to eat crepes 😃