The Periods Rules

I made this comic two years ago I think.
  1. Having your periods sucks. Being a woman,regarding to this, is awful.
  2. The moon basically controls you
  3. Every feeling or event in your life will cause a huge hormonal cyclone in your body and change your cycle.
  4. This plainly sucks.
  5. The only upside is at the times when you don't want children, you're just a bit relieved to have your periods.
  6. But before being sexually active and when you're very single or when you do want to be pregnant, it sucks, it double sucks. I can't stress it enough.
  7. Anyway here are my periods rules :
  8. 1. Do not keep me away from food. I am a polar bear.
  9. 2. Do not upset me, even a little. Sometimes it's easier not to talk to me.
    "I heard the way you said "Hello", you think you're better than me!"
  10. 3. What happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom
    "Honey, you've been here a long time!" "Yes, leave me alone!!"
  11. 4. Really, you gotta leave me alone. But sometimes I also need some love.
    Graou grr = leave me alone, go away!
  12. You have to know the difference...
    Brrr Grao = kiss me right now!
  13. Good luck folks living with a girl 😙