Things I'm into this month - April 2017

Inspired by @marceline
  1. Kami 2 addicting beautiful game!
    I finished all levels in a week
  2. Talking with my dad
  3. Trial and Error
    It's not the most intellectual show but it's funny and kooky in a way I like
  4. Girls final season
    Soooo great
  5. This baby toy
    The 4 cubes are sewed in different sides so you can change the shape of the toy + the fabric is so soft and the illustrations are cute. My niece loves it!
  6. Octagonal origami
    Random example, don't know the designer or the folder sorry.
  7. Fromage La Dent du Chat
    I brought back 2 pounds of it from Savoie, when I was visiting my brother.