Inspired by @jennifergster stealing your title because it really was a great day!
  1. There was a lot of origami
    I finished it, pictures tomorrow because it's too dark now.
  2. And went on a date with myself
  3. I have to say I was an awesome date: spontaneous, in a marvelous mood, brought snacks.
  4. I made some caramel popcorn just for me
  5. I was gonna go to the movies but it was so nice outside I decided to first take a big walk and hang out at the park
  6. Trees and birdies and ducks and children playing everywhere
  7. And then I had one of my best friend on the phone for 45 minutes. Hadn't talk to him for 3 months, it was really nice and helpful.
  8. I then went to the city center to buy food and without planning it, I met my mom there. We hung out a bit.
  9. And then I went to the movie theatre to see La La Land or the second time. Knowing what was gonna happen, I enjoyed and loved it even more.
  10. I had my popcorn but I also treated myself to some sour candies ❤️
  11. I went home with music in my head and dancing feet.