TV I Watched With My Parents Growing Up 📺

Actually with my mother only
  1. Une famille formidable
    Truly great TV show about a family. It started maybe 25 years ago and they still shot a season pretty recently I think.
  2. Au théâtre ce soir
    Broadcast of funny plays every week. I watched most of them on VHS. Any play with Michel Roux or Jacqueline Maillan would be my favorite.
  3. A la recherche de la Nouvelle Star
    Casting for singers
  4. Les enfoirés
    Like 30 years ago, Coluche, famous French humorist, founded a non profit to help feed homeless people called "Les Restos du Coeur". To support it, many artists make a big show every year and tour it, and at the end the show is broadcasted on TV. They call themselves Les Enfoirés (the assholes). When I was a kid I wanted to be famous just to have the chance of participating to this event.
  5. Joséphine Ange Gardien
    20 year old Tv show that still exists today. They release a few episodes a year I think. It's basically the same story every time : Josephine is a guardian angel, she comes somewhere to help in her quirky way but the person doesn't want help at first. They finally accept her help and everyone is happy. I used to like it though. The actress is an ambassador of Les Enfoirés by the way.
  6. Princesse Sarah
    Anime TV show. I don't know where it is from but I don't think it's American? Sarah is an orphan horribly treated in a sketchy orphanage. She end up happy and loved by a guardian after many years of suffering lol.
  7. Charmed
    You know this one! It used to air with Buffy and other shows as the "Trilogy of Saturday night".
  8. Quantum leap
    Loved it
  9. Sex and The City
    Obviously this was more my teenage years
  10. The Pretender
    It was called the chameleon in french. I was in love with Jarod.