What I've been up to lately origami wise

I've been folding non stop since the origami convention
  1. This is a variation of the cube tessellation by Ilan Garibi
  2. My sunflower seed garden in a new size
  3. With backlight
  4. The cocotte-unicorn
  5. My friend Oriol Esteve has been challenging me with a few of his designs
  6. This is the tiger
  7. I love it so much I folded it a bunch of times
  8. I want to fold it real good!
  9. This is the flapable Pegasus. Very fun!
  10. This is his inflatable cat. Very vey hard model for me, since I don't have the lungs for it apparently
  11. Meanwhile I have been folding the Internet Olympiad models too
    You have a month to fold 14 models and send the pictures and after you get points depending on the execution of the model
  12. I folded 7. This is the Twisted Bird Base by Michal Kosmulski
  13. This is the squirrel by Sergey Yartsev
  14. This is Papageno by Peter Stein
  15. This is Heart with a swan by Andrey Lukyanov
  16. This is Elephant by Beth Johnson
  17. This is Rosa Odorata by Ryochi Takagi
  18. This is Evangelina Kusudama by Xander Perrort
  19. Now I designed a new model and named it Little Dancing Squares
  20. With backlight
  21. I tried myself at this very challenging tessellation because I missed flat tessellations! This is a design by Peter Keller
  22. With backlight
  23. I've folded more spinning tops
  24. And I made cakes with Ilan Garibi's molds we learned how to make at the convention
  25. Chocolate!
  26. Finally I've been working on a whole Christmas collection but that's for another list...!