Thanks for the request. I've had trouble answering it so I'll just do it focusing on my bet experience of living I this beautiful city and hope it's not too bad!
  1. This is my favorite street. City center, but still feels like a little village street, lots of cute shops
  2. There are creperies everywhere in Nantes
  3. I used to live on this street with my first boyfriend
  4. And one of our best friend and my brother were roommates on the same street, same block
  5. And when you turn the corner, on the same block, this is where another one of our best friends used to live at the same time
  6. When my boyfriend and I broke up, I moved a block away, in this building
  7. The years following, some friends moved a little further but others arrived 2 or 3 blocks away. When I was living in the city center, I always had at least 2 close friends living less then 3 minutes of me by feet.
  8. So we used to call each other and be like "what are you doing? Let's meet at the bar in 3 minutes!" Or just yell from the street at each other's Windows!
  9. The city was our home.
  10. I guess this is what it really feels to live in the city center of Nantes
  11. I left the city deep center in 2010 because I couldn't stand the noise anymore (it was right after NYC too). After that all my friends left it too, one by one. Now I'm fed up with the city and in desperate need of country, but I can still enjoy walking the streets of my "little village".
  12. Just yesterday I went to a little bar with one of my two closest friend who used to live right near me back then.
  13. Cecile had just left our favorite hairdresser (in the same street I talked about at the beginning, where we all lived) and Seb, without knowing it walked in the hairdressers shop 5 minutes after her leaving to make an appointment. The owner who knows us very well told him she had just left and the three of us met!
  14. So we all live within 10/20 minutes by car of the center now, but stuff like that still happen often.
  15. This is Nantes