For a friend who just went through a break up after years of relationship.
  1. Ideas so far :
  2. Candies, chocolate
  3. Stickers
  4. Homemade stamp
  5. Homemade cute crochet teddy
  6. Art
  7. What else ? Help me guys! You're the nation of care packages!
  8. Music! Maybe you're favorite artist or an upbeat mix!:)
    Suggested by @nikkilounoel
  9. A little craft "kit" with instructions and supplies-to make some origami maybe, or a piece of jewelry or a knitted hat or scarf. Something creative for them to focus on.
    Suggested by @jennifergster
  10. A female comedic's book. Mindy kaling's got me through tough times!
    Suggested by @smmrnss
  11. Handmade cards (with puns)
  12. Journal and a pen
  13. Mac makeover voucher. Look pretty feel pretty
    Suggested by @smmrnss
  14. Those adult coloring books look fun! And I've heard they are great to relax your mind!
    Suggested by @marginally_amazing
  15. Candles
    Suggested by @katrinacullingworth
  16. Nail polish. Candy. A page-turner.
    Suggested by @doodler19