Where I'd Like To Be In 10 Years

Inspired by @BWN_7 Great idea!
  1. Relationship
    I hope I'm still with my current boyfriend and we finally got past our biggest issues. I hope I am happy and feeling loved and I get to share life with an amazing partner. I hope we're having fun on a daily basis, even if some moments might be tough, of course.
  2. Family
    I'd like to have 3 or maybe 4 kids. Hopefully I had all the kids I wanted by then because I would be on my way to 42... Family is a place of learning, growing together and having fun, for me. It's the ultimate adventure so this is my biggest wish for the next 10 years! We also see my brother and his family often, maybe we live close to each other. Hopefully our 4 parents are all alive and enjoying the grandkids!
  3. Career
    I'd like to have a part time job, working with kids, that leaves me time for my origami making and of course my family. I'm also inventing origami and still sharing a lot and having fun with it. Maybe it's part of my revenue.
  4. Geographically
    It would be cool to have changed scenery a little by then. Maybe I'll be back in my hometown or maybe not but I hope we travelled a bunch with the family, or at least discovered a new region or something. I hope I live surrounded by trees and not buildings.
  5. Health/ Appearance
    I'll probably have all grey hair, because I don't really like dye products and the principle of it. Or maybe just for fun I'll have dyed my hair blue, with my brother. This is a long overdue project. I'll be fitter, with more muscles than today because of years of yoga behind me and carrying my kids too.
  6. Public service
    I'll be invested in ecological and social projects with my kids. As my social anxiety will continue to lower I'll be more able to do this kind of stuff with other people.
  7. Financial
    I'd like to earn enough money to live decently, buy organic food, and be able to go out a little, treat myself a little and travel a little. I don't need much, I don't need to buy a house or expensive clothes or anything.
  8. Vacation
    Traveling is important, especially with the kids, and friends or other family members! I hope we go abroad at least every two years and for at least a month to really live it!