Best list request ever!
  1. First of all Woodstock, NY, 1969
  2. Japan, like a hundred years ago to brag about my origami knowledge
    Not proud of this one but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. 1970s to meet my grandfather and the father of my brother
  4. The furthest I can go in the past to see what happened in the universe
  5. And make people stop saying stupid stuff about the creation of the universe and earth... Urhhhh
  6. 2007 to slap a friend or two
  7. 2/3 generations ahead to see what happens to my family
  8. And earth in general, but it might be depressing so I'll think about it.
  9. Everywhere at every times to chose the best times in each places and sort them all!
  10. I'll never stop looking for Doctor Who of course
  11. I think I'm very close to time traveling now!
  12. Tonight I found this Moroccan place with thousands of tessellations painted on the walls and roof
  13. I think if I fold a very special tessellation right there, it might be the key!!!
  14. I'll keep you in touch guys!