@ListMeetUps Do we win something?
  1. 66% of the list app members living in France were present.
    @Lisa_Fav and me. @rahim was excused.
  2. This is huge! Never done before at a country level!
  3. (The only one who could do better would probably be @franksars if his profile description is still accurate...)
  4. We spent two hours talking and laughing and also there was a lot of gossiping
  5. Lisa knows so much more things about what happens in the darks streets of list app (the comments) and also outside (twitter mostly) so I learned the best juicy stuff!
  6. Well, actually we mostly said nice stuff about nice people
  7. Even when we complained about a certain Chris disappearance, we still concluded we were grateful because he was the one who sort of introduced us to each other.
  8. We convinced one new resident of France to join list app, which means a growth of 33% in the French list app community.
    I'll add his @ when he'll have created his account
  9. Beat that american meet-ups!
  10. Lisa introduced us to the Bastille neighborhood and we really liked it!
  11. She brought us to this cute little store
  12. I obviously spent money there but I do not regret it one bit!
  13. It was really fun and I hope to do it again later this year!