Words I regularly type in the li.st search box

With the non disguised goal of finding friends
  1. Scrabble
    Apparently @dev is one of us scrabble maniacs. Didn't find anyone new to play with online though 😞
  2. The reluctant messiah (favorite book)
    This is actually how I found @andersun !
  3. Origami
    No origamist there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Tessellations
    I feel alone
  5. Comic book
    Super interesting
  6. James kochalka (favorite comic book artist)
    What is wrong with you people, this will change your life!
  7. Jeffrey brown (comic book artist)
    Yay for @lenadunham
  8. French/ France
    We're still just 4/5 French people here but a lot of people visited France
  9. Antifolk
    What is wrong with my musical tastes?
  10. Jeffrey Lewis (favorite singer songwriter and also great comic book artist)
    @lame you are the best
  11. Kimya Dawson (awesome singer songwriter)
    This is better (thanks to Juno)
  12. I'll always keep looking for you weirdo comic book/ antifolk/ origami/ scrabble lovers!
  13. ❤️