I'm very fond of the English language and I read and watch a lot of English/American stuff. I often find myself thinking that an English word is better than its French equivalent. Here are a few examples. What do you think?
  1. Actually
    En fait
  2. You
    I hate the tu/vous choice we have.
  3. Squirrel
    My friend Rob always makes fun of French people trying to say this word. So try ours to see : écureuil
  4. Dude
  5. Siobhan
    Granted its a name not a word but I love it and I'd love to name my future daughter Siobhan but in French it sounds see-oh-ba-ne 😫 not shee-von like it's supposed to!
  6. Chimes
  7. Awesome
    Génial : I like the "awe" part in awesome. It seems poetic to my ears.
  8. Giggle
    Ricaner / pouffer de rire