Year of self(ie) confidence

Maybe a running list, because I'm not too good with selfies but I'll try!!
  1. I got a new hat and I'm never taking it off selfie!
  2. Selfie when you work outside in the morning and you have the Puffin Rock song stuck in your head
  3. Tuesday morning selfie
  4. Night Time selfie
  5. My face very often when I try to understand something or just concentrate
  6. Autoportrait avec pommes.
  7. Ghostly reflection on the bus
  8. In other news I spent the weekend in Normandy and got very sunburnt. And to everyone who knows France this is hilarious.
    Especially when you think I'm always the one putting sunscreen and big shirts and hats. I was too trusting of Normandy in April...
  9. New haircut selfie!
    This happens once a year, like Christmas
  10. Selforigami
  11. I've been having a very bad week self-esteem wise, tonight I'm feeling cute and better so I'm owning it!
  12. The museum of Arts in my town just reopened after 6 years of construction! There I am with my favorite art piece there, by Chagall. I used to go see it every month before it closed.
  13. Birthday in advance with all my loved ones
    My mum, my brother, my love, my dad and me ❤️ We are never all together so it is a special day.
  14. The pain is strong but I still love myself, maybe more even. I wear some of my father's face features but mostly I wear the love and pride he always sent towards me.
  15. Meet me in the morning