Inspired by @playcait
  1. JANUARY: Started the year off with pancakes and green juice, as mentioned in this illustration.
    Because, balance.
  2. FEBRUARY: I jogged that one time.
    Nailing it.
  3. MARCH: Got that salad game on point.
  4. APRIL: caught the two loves of my life making jokes.
  5. MAY: I made beef taste like a margarita. 🍹
  6. JUNE: got accidentally drunk at my cousins wedding.
    Took way too many photos to prove it. Also, cried at all the things. Because, weddings.
  7. JULY: wrote some words on body shaming. Posted a photo of myself in a bikini on Internet. Felt all the feelings.
  8. AUGUST: to everyone's dismay, I stared illustrating our podcast episodes.
    Just in case you're like "I wanna listen to that crying farting girl", here you go: The So...Let's Hang Out Podcast by Gina Eykemans & Beth Manos Brickey https://itun.es/us/83917.c
  9. SEPTEMBER: celebrated four years of marriage to @peykemans. We got in a car accident and ate bad steak, but we still love each other. Phew.
  10. OCTOBER: one night, the sky looked like this.
  11. NOVEMBER: traveled to Hawaii after two years of being so sick I couldn't travel. It was everything.
    Got full up on gratitude and all the poi and poke I could eat.
  12. DECEMBER: Cozy moments at home before traveling for Christmas.