Let's not pretend that you don't do some really important stuff on your phone while you're in the loo. It's called multitasking. 😁
  1. How to make hammered metal jewelry
    There's a lot of tools involved. And instructions. I hate instructions.
  2. Hammered metal jewelry for idiots
    More my speed.
  3. How do you spell family in Dutch?
    It's familie. Just in case you also have to write a Christmas card to your Dutch in laws.
  4. Goat playing guitar in holiday sweater video
    This needs no explanation. But, here you go: https://www.facebook.com/nova937/videos/937115206343217/
  5. Yolanda Foster blog
    Don't judge me. We both have Lyme disease. So, I want to punch all the RHOBH in the face for being meanies. Yeahhhh...I might watch too much Bravo.
  6. Lasagne or lasagna?
    I vote lasagne.
  7. Batika Indian Food Menu
    I know. I'm on the toilet and thinking about tikka masala. I'm not proud.
  8. Easy as fuck baby blanket patterns
    Not a popular search term. Also, nothing is as easy as fuck as I was looking for.
  9. David Sedaris tickets Bay Area
    Totallllllllly scored some of these. I'll see you in May, Mr. Sedaris.