My little cousins (ages 6 & 7) are staying with us this holiday season. Naturally, we got carried away making things magic AF.
  1. Had the kids plant "magic beans" brought by elves into a boot full of sugar.
  2. Waited until they fell asleep. Fished Mike & Ike's out of a sugar filled boot.
  3. Replaced them with candy canes. Watched their minds get blown upon waking. Let them eat the candy canes they "grew"with breakfast.
  4. Made Santa sugar cookies. I hope he likes icing. Because, whoa.
  5. Built a whole gingerbread house. Watched the kids try to pretend like they weren't eating the roof one gumdrop at a time.
  6. Waited until kids were asleep, made glitter footprints leading downstairs to their stockings. Elf shoe prints.
  7. Woke up to kids screaming about MAGIC. FOOTPRINTS. OMMMGGGGG.
  8. I have so much glitter on my body right now. I can't even. It gets ERRRYWHERE.
  9. They mistook a bag of black rocks my mom had on the floor as coal. There was a brief panic. With OOOOHHHH NOOOOOO ITS COAAAAAAL. WHHHHYYYYYYY?!?! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
  10. Stockings
  11. All the gifts.
  12. All the sugar.
  13. Bless the dude who ate the carrot left on the wet front stoop. Reindeer style.
  14. Did I mention sugar?
  15. Send help.
  16. K, thanks.
  17. Hope your Christmas is magic AF too! ✨
  18. Ps. Found a dead pigeon on the lawn this morning. Unrelated, but mysterious. Opposite of magic AF. 😵