For @jakebrandman 's 100 years of project. And @PillsburyDoughboy who wasn't created till 1965 and thus wouldn't remember any of this.
  1. I just turned 25 and here's what I got for my birthday. 🎂
  2. Joe and I moved to the suburbs.
    We brought the kids as well. They're such eager beavers. They love the freedom of the suburbs after living in an apartment in the city. They've made so many friends. The suburbs are crawling with young families like us.
  3. Here's our new ranch house. It's so big.
    It's nothing like my parent's Victorian. I sometimes miss my alcove and attic bedroom that I grew up in. I was such a bobby soxer.
  4. Got a puppy for our boy and a kitty for the girls.
    Dick named the dog Spot. Jane and Sally named the kitty Puff. I have such imaginative children.
  5. I'm a finalist in the brand new Pillsbury Bake-Off contest!!!
    It's to be held in October and is called the Grand National Recipe and Baking Contest and will be hosted at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. The grand prize is $50,000. The only required ingredient is Pillsbury's BEST Flour.
  6. The recipe that made me a finalist was based on my Grandma's fast rising bun recipe.
    I also considered entering my banana bread or chocolate chip cookie recipe. I figured everyone would be sending in cookie recipes.
  7. I can't believe it. 🌠🎉🎊
    I entered the recipe on a whim and now I'm a finalist.
  8. I'm cooking with gas.
    Not literally, we have all new electric appliances. Here is our lovely range and refrigerator.
  9. I also got a Polaroid camera.
    Your pictures develop instantly right before your eyes. I have to remember to take it with me when I go to New York City in October. Who will I take with me?
  10. What will we do with all the money if I win?
    We could pay off the mortgage or put it away for Dick's college education. It'll be pennies from heaven.
  11. I'm going to be the perfect 50s housewife.
  12. Here's a secret.
    I don't like to cook. 🚫🍳🍝🍲
  13. Here's another secret.
    I miss working. 📠🗄
  14. And another.
    Three children are enough!
  15. Sometimes I'm just so restless. The contest is a nice exciting event to look forward to. Wish me luck everyone.