I never take selfies so none of the photos on my phone have me in them. I hate pictures of my self. So this was a pretty easy challenge. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  1. Static
    Christmas at my moms. My mom, stepdad, step niece and her husband with their twins who didn't want great grandma to hold them. We don't see them a lot because they live about 6 hours away. I love this picture because it's honest.
  2. Static
    A picture my eldest sister sent me last February when she was in Australia. She went for a month with a couple of her friends and if I had been on li.st then, I would've introduced her to some listers.
  3. Static
    My great niece sleeping, at my house, with her former cat. They both look so relaxed and get along much better now that they live in separate houses. 🏡
  4. Static
    A arty picture taken at my second spiritual home. I wish I could live in both places. This is Bow Falls in Banff, Alberta where my step mom and Dad use to live. I loved Banff best in the 1970s when it wasn't so touristy.
  5. Static
    A picture of my lilacs from last May. I 💜lilacs and this week, when our temperatures hover around -45 C, the thought of Spring and lilacs keep me going. Could this cold snap be over soon, please?