This is my life right now on a rainy Thursday in August.
  1. Get up at 7am most mornings. This morning I turned off my alarm before it went off and got up around 8am because it was raining.
    I get up. Go to the bathroom. I reset my alarm. I put on my socks and pants. I turn off the fan and turn on the radio. I listen to the local channel for news and weather. I make my bed. All this takes about ten minutes.
  2. Feed and brush the cat.
    She likes to hold the brush. I think she may be left pawed. Monday she gets fresh water in her water tower. Tues and Thurs she gets gooshy food.
  3. Finish getting dressed. Shirt and bra and belt and boots.
    I don't get completely dressed until I have to leave the house. If I'm going straight to the computer I leave on the tank top I slept in.
  4. Go for my daily walk most days.
    Today it was raining so I skipped this. On Monday I walked in the afternoon so that I could deliver my job application to the museum. Now that it is getting cooler I don't have to walk first thing in the morning. I can walk when I feel like it.
  5. Breakfast. Vitamins.
    Always instant oatmeal. Always with raisins. If I've done my walk, I take off my bra and put back on the tank top I slept in. Vitamins C & D. I use to take iron also but no longer need to since hitting menopause because I no longer deplete my iron monthly. My periods were annoying. Menopause is also annoying!
  6. Take breakfast into study. Go on the computer.
    I am here for the next two to three hours. The cat wonders in and out. I read comics, blogs, and emails. I look for jobs. I monitor my blood pressure. On Monday I scan the computer for viruses. I answer my Jeopardy calendar question - current money earned $55,446,200.00. Now if only I could get this paid out - the answer to winning big is betting big when you can. 💷💴💶💵💰💰
  7. Open the front door for the cat.
    She sits here and watches through the screen door as the world goes by. She is an indoor cat. Morning is her awake time. She naps most of the afternoon away.
  8. I have a snack at 10. I try to go for fruit but sometimes I NEED chocolate. 🍫
    The cat leads me from room to room when I exit the study. She figures out where I'm going and then walks in front of me. She has to go first. She will snack when I am in the bathroom because she can see me from there.
  9. Twice a month I clean at my mom's duplex in the morning.
    Twice a month I clean my place. I vacuum once a week and clean the kitty litter on Monday morning and Thursday evening. Once a month the kitty litter is completely emptied and replaced and the box washed out. My garbage is collected on Fridays.
  10. Lunch. Smoothies or toast or celery with peanut butter. Quick and boring.
    Last week I had fried egg sandwiches for four lunches in a row. Whatever. I hate planning meals If I am leaving the house for the afternoon I do the dishes.
  11. Library, mail, errands.
    Both mine and my moms. Today I met cousins for coffee, took my mom to a doctor's appointment (he was running an hour behind - my mom HATES waiting) and perused the farmer's market. I was home at 4:30. I left at 1pm.
  12. If I'm not going out I go on the iPad and read books.
    I do Facebook, list and solitaire every day. If not in the afternoon then in the evening when I am watching stuff.
  13. I write lists (like this one) to post later.
    I have to let a list sit at least a day before I post it. I need time to clarify my ideas and check my grammar.
  14. I think about supper. I make supper. Tonight I am going to my moms to meet everyone for supper. She is making potato pancakes. Yeah! I don't have to think about supper. I'm not a cook. I'd hire someone to do my meals if I was a rich man. 😉
    I watch the local news on an iPad app well I eat supper. I don't have cable. I sign into the app using my parent's account. I do the dishes after always! I can't wake up to dishes in the sink. The only time my house is messy is when I have company. How messy depends on who is here. If it's my baby brother it is very messy and annoying. I do a massive clean the day my company leaves.
  15. In the evening I watch a tv series or movie.
    I watch on Netflix or library borrowed DVDs. I watch until around 10:30pm. I brush my teeth. I get ready for bed.
  16. I chase the cat. I go to bed. I fall asleep almost right away. Even the night sweats and hot flashes have not affected my sleep patterns. Yeah menopause! 🔥🔥🔥
    The cat has decided I am a big toy and likes to hide and get chased every evening. Her idea of hiding is going behind the curtain. Her back end and feet always show. It's so cute. 😼
  17. I shower twice a week in the evenings.
    I do my laundry on the same day. I deep clean my house (dust, wash floors, etc) once a month. The biggest challenge is controlling the hair. Both the cat and I shed. That's why she gets brushed daily.
  18. I go out with my oldest sister on day trips about twice a month.
    This Sunday we are going into the city to see Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan. This trip to Batoche was another one we did together. A Perfect Summer Saturday
  19. I try to stay off the computer on the weekend.
    So I blog sometime during the week and have it post Sunday morning. I've been blogging since Sept 2008 but I think I may be done. I'm not running out of ideas I'm just tired of not getting paid for my writing. I wonder if anyone is even reading my blog. I like to write. I just want more of an audience than only me!
  20. I get up three times during the night to go pee. I have done this since I was in my thirties and had bladder problems. Women be kind to yourselves and take care of your bladder!
    I'm lucky. I fall asleep again right away.
  21. I dream.
    I am a lucid dreamer so I remember and manipulate many of my dreams. Many of my siblings are also lucid dreamers. I wonder if anyone has done a study on if lucid dreaming runs in families.
  22. Rinse. Repeat. This is my life right now.
    I moved back home two years ago to help with my mom's care. She fell and broke a leg. She is finally getting back to normal. She is also 82 so will always need some help. 👵🏼 Hopefully I get a job soon because I am bored, bored, bored with this life!
  23. This is a typical weekday for me in August of 2016.
    I date this list for historical significance. Someday may be considered a legitimate historical source and I will contribute to important cultural studies. 🤔😉😎