At the Mall

I am sitting on the second floor of the mall between HMV and Build a Bear.
  1. •
    As far as the teenagers are concerned I am invisible.
    It is around 4:30 pm. They probably just got out of school.
  2. •
    The teenagers swear every sentence.
    It is annoying and distracting. I find it hard to concentrate on my book.
  3. •
    One of the girls wants to be a waitress or own a strip club!
    Such lofty career goals. Okay I'm being snarky but only in my head.
  4. •
    There is no where comfortable to sit.
    The mall benches are hard and uncomfortable.
  5. •
    I don't want to buy anything.
    Not even chocolate. Not even books.
  6. •
    Okay maybe all the books.
    Nope. Don't want any of the books. Not even Stephen King's new one or his son Joe's book.
  7. •
    I am killing time before my out of town bus leaves for home.
    I didn't drive into the city because I didn't feel like dealing with parking in the city. 🚗🚚🚛🚑🚍🚕🚓🚲🏍🚜
  8. •
    I am tired and sun-burnt and just want to be home with a tall glass of ice water. 💦Why is there no water glass emoji?
  9. •
    I wonder what my cat, Lulu is doing right now.
    Probably sleeping. I need a nap.
  10. •
    It is a Wednesday afternoon. There are not a lot of people at the mall.
  11. •
    The teenagers have left. I can go back to reading my book in peace and quiet.
  12. •
    Nope. Time to explore Build A Bear.
    It is quiet and not full of excited little children.
  13. •
    Okay. Maybe I would buy a bear or two.
    I won't even though I have "spare" money today.
  14. •
    There are cute costumes.
    Like Wonder Woman and Super Girl.
  15. •
    I almost bought this Canada Day outfit for my bear Zuzu.
    She is named after the little girl in It's A Wonderful Life.
  16. •
    But I didn't buy anything today except food. My "spare" money is safe and sound in my wallet.
  17. •
    Now I am on the bus heading home. Good-bye and good night all.