I like to colour. Do you like to colour?
  1. Ballet.
    My first adult colouring book. I was in my early twenties.
  2. Giselle.
    It is a history book about famous ballets. This is Giselle lightly coloured in pastels.
  3. The Red Shoes.
    I like using the red pencil the most. Crimson & poppy & rust & raspberry.
  4. Order here?
    It is from Troubador Press and I had to send to San Francisco by snail mail to order it.
  5. Drat it seems Troubador has gone out of business!
  6. Thankfully, there is a multitude of other companies now that produce adult colouring books.
  7. Buy them here ... Or not!
  8. Adult colouring books are selling like crazy according to Vox Culture.
  9. Do you colour? 🎨📒