Family Reunion

Every July 1st weekend, my mother's cousins have a family reunion. My mother is from a family of four (father, mother, older brother and herself). Her aunt, her mother's sister-in-law, had thirteen children (10 boys and 3 girls). The eldest boy, born in 1927, just passed at 90, as did the two youngest boys - the youngest was born in 1951.
  1. Every year the surviving members of the clan, their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren gather to play horseshoes. The reunion started on Friday but the horseshoe tournament was not until Sunday.
    It is an all day affair but my mom, stepdad and I only went for a few hours on Sunday. Gus and my grandmother were brother and sister. My mom is the only surviving member of her family.
  2. The tournament is very serious business. Teams are tallied up and kept track of rigorously.
    Not sure when the tournament started but the final round was just about to begin when we left at seven. My mom wanted to visit her family's graves at the graveyard before we drove the hour home.
  3. Very serious business.
    Lorne was one of the younger boys who passed last year. He was involved in a lot of charity work which is why the Sportsman trophy is named after him. I knew the two youngest boys the best as they were only ten or so years older than my eldest sister. They were rascals.
  4. The silent auction items are all home made.
    My mom bought one of these wreaths off her cousin's daughter this last Christmas.
  5. Here is a wooden garden box and a John Deere tractor stool. This is, after all, farming country.
    There is a Canadian flag for Canada Day, of course.
  6. There was some competition for this cake.
    The note says: $125 USD and it's yours. I'll share 1/2 with you. Relatives come up from the states for the reunion.
  7. A perfect day for playing horseshoes.
    Warm and sunny with a bit of a breeze.
  8. There are three pitches going until the end. The final four players pitch alone against each other. Two players to a team.
  9. One of the original 13 children is on the right.
    Half of the men have passed. All three girls are still alive. The youngest are now in their late seventies.
  10. The next generation (my generation) is posed to carry on the tradition. And to add new twists.
    This year there was a dress up selfie corner.
  11. There was a green and white Riders wig. The Riders are Saskatchewan's football team.
    The youngest member at the reunion, far right, being passed around from relative to relative, was six months old.
  12. There were also a passel of dogs running around.
    This is Jack.
  13. Eddy's gassed house was where we relieved ourselves.
    The reunion is held in Eddy's yard. He's one of the original boys.
  14. Here we are counting down to the end.
    I'm not sure who won but you can see the last two teams were Chad/Olivia and Annette/Spencer. Annette is one of the original girls.
  15. Very serious tournament.
    There are trophies.
  16. Before the reunion was held on Eddy's property they use to rent the town hall for a day.
    It was a day full of horseshoes, food and visiting. It was held in a very small town and the reunion probably doubled the population over the weekend.
  17. Here's to next year.
  18. And the winners of the horseshoe tournament were Chad and Olivia.
    Also, for some strange reason, the tournament's victory song is the chorus from Rasputin.