My sister & I went on a road trip and ended up discussing lawns. How they evolved, how they are different in Europe etc. I think lawns became a thing when the American suburbs evolved after the Second World War. We're curious on what lawns are like elsewhere in the world. Give us your thoughts and include pictures if you have them.
  1. Did lawns become a thing because suddenly there were a lot of families redefining their lives after the war?
    Mothers worked inside doing the dishes and the laundry. Fathers worked outside tending to the lawns and automobiles.
  2. Everybody had a front lawn.
    This is my front lawn. It is smallish but well kept. I don't do my own yard work. This is my first time living in a house in a small town vs living in a city apartment. Plus I have no job and no extra money for frivolities. So the lawn has not changed since I bought the house.
  3. There was room for amble parking.
    This is my parking area. If I had the money I would cement up to the neighbour's property line. I hate the weeds in the rocks and don't know what to do about them. I tried to freeze them out last winter. That didn't work.
  4. Most houses had room for a large backyard.
    This is my backyard. My sister is using the garden area for potatoes because I don't garden. All flowers and landscaping came with the house. I've done nothing to any of my outdoor spaces. The lawn is a bit burnt and I am letting it heal itself. I don't spend money watering grass.
  5. My favourite part of the whole yard is that I have two lilac bushes. Lilacs are my favourite flower. When I lived in the city I would stalk neighbourhoods for lilac bushes.
  6. I am at heart a city girl.
    I've always lived in apartments. Most of them had no lawn area at all. Which suited me just fine. I walk. I like nature such as parks and river banks and city trees. I don't need my own lawn to be content.
  7. This is a typical acreage.
    We were driving country roads when the topic of lawns came up. We kept passing well manicured acreages like this one. This is something new. Farms used to be farms now they are acreages.
  8. Some Family background.
    My sister lived on a farm acreage early in her marriage. Look at the picture above. Pay attention to the area of lawn between the road and the trees.
  9. My sister said:
    That areas such as these would have been seeded into something like Alfalfa grass and harvested for hay. It would be extra income instead of an expense that needed to be watered and kept up. We wondered when this attitude to extra outside space changed. Perhaps when farms became acreages and the city people moved in.
  10. So we got curious:
    What's your lawn like? Do you have a lawn? We'd love an European or Australian point of view. How do you feel about lawns? Are they worth the time and effort to keep up?
  11. Thanks for helping to satisfy our curiousity.
  12. I am a dad, and we have a bit less than an acre of lawn. Our neighborhood is suburban, but the local style is to keep a natural buffer of trees and shrubs(really big weeds) at the street. My property has large trees so our lawn does not get a lot of sun. We mow and seed, but do not use fertilizer because it is bad for the rivers and reservoirs.
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