My thoughts on X-Files season 10
  1. That infuriating ending. The final title card promises that "this is the end". I went in to the 6 episode season anticipating a summing up of the show. I wanted a "happy for now" ending. I can't even verbalize the annoyance this season ending has caused me!
  2. 👽😒 Alien DNA. Really. Do you think I'm stupid? Episode one, My Struggle, seemed to forget all the previous decades that I had spent watching and loving this show.
  3. I liked Episode two, Founder's Mutation, even though sibling experimentation is an overused trope in this genre of storytelling.
  4. Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster was the best show EVER! Thanks for making me laugh all the way through Episode three. 🐸
  5. Episode four, Home Again, caught me with a twist I didn't see coming. I thought the trash man was going to be a golem. Good on you! Then you made me cry by killing off Scully's mom. 😢
  6. Babylon, Babylon, Babylon (Episode five) introduced new agents too like our titular heroes. Stop it. Mulder & Scully are one of a kind. Loved the tripiness, the country music, the cameos. Hated the same old same old terrorism.
  7. Which brings us to Episode six, My Struggle Part II. Here we go again. Cigarette smoking man. The end of the world. Miller & Einstein. Mulder & Scully's son. 🌎
  8. Alien DNA is all that can save us! Bring it! 👽
  9. Overall, one great episode (3). One that made me cry (4). Two episodes (2,5) that had their moments and two episodes that made me feel dumb and talked down to (1,6).
  10. Okay, fine. I'll probably watch whatever comes next in the X-Files universe but I won't hold my breath waiting for it.
  11. Next time, more family drama. Where's William (is he hanging out with Waldo)? 😜
  12. And please, next time, don't assume that your audience is stupid and hasn't done their own research.
  13. See point 1! 🙈🙉🙊