I Miss Sesame Street

In case you haven't already heard Sesame Street recently moved to HBO and many long time stars are leaving or being forced off the show. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jul/29/sesame-street-original-human-characters-cast-gone-hbo
  1. I miss watching Sesame Street. I was in my teens when it first aired but worked as a babysitter/nanny until I was in my thirties so my memories of Sesame Street span from the 1970s to the 1990s. Before the HBO deal I was able to watch the classic episodes on NetFlix. The show always makes me smile. 😎
    Do you remember Wanda the Witch who washed her clothes on a windy Wednesday? I do.
  2. I love the diversity of the cast. There was a deaf actress named Linda in the beginning who used sign language. Growing up where I did in a very non-diverse community it was nice to see everyone getting along. I can name almost everyone in this picture. Can you?
    Okay I may not remember Elmo's fish's name. Is it Dorothy? You can barely see Rosita and Snuffleupagus at the edges of this photo. I remember when Snuffy was imaginary, do you?
  3. Here is Buffy Saint Marie breastfeeding her son Cody on air. A first for television I do believe.
    She was a regular cast member in the 1970s as was her son. Big Bird loved her as much as his teddy bear. Do you know the name of Big Bird's teddy bear?
  4. Being Canadian, I also got to watch Sesame Park. Here is Basil the bear who was English, Louis the otter who was French, Dodi the older woman pilot and a random Mountie muppet because every Canadian show must include a Mountie. It's the law, don't you know.
    By its 40th anniversary in 2009, Sesame Street was broadcast in over 120 countries, and 20 independent international versions had been produced. The Canadian version was English/French rather than English/Spanish. I can still count to ten in French because of Sesame Park. I learnt only how to say "I don't speak French" in my mandatory 2 years of French classes in High School.
  5. Dodi is here in her airplane flying above Sesame Park with Louis and Basil.
    Dodi was a pilot and flew all over Canada teaching us about our country. My littlest sister is also a pilot partly because of Dodi. Women can be anything: https://youtu.be/rpjmeyI2pfI
  6. Here is Eric Peterson as Old King Cole with Louis and Basil.
    The Canadian Sesame Park used Canadian actors as special guest stars such as the renowned Eric Peterson who is famous for portraying another Canadian hero. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Bishop_Goes_to_War
  7. I was lucky in that I got to enjoy two versions of Sesame Street.
    I thank the stars for the CBC and PBS and for all the amazing children I babysat for who liked the show as much as I did. As a bookworm, episodes featuring books were among my favourites. Here is Oscar the Grouch reading to his pet worm Slimy.
  8. I also loved the Martians. Here they are in the classic telephone skit. I have a phone just like that in my study. It is the first phone my family ever owned. Below is a link to more skits featuring reading.
  9. Here is Prairie Dawn singing the blues.
    Prairie Dawn was one of the early female muppets. She is artsy and outdoorsy and loves to direct plays. I wanted her to be my friend.
  10. Sesame Street does not just have amazing humans and human like muppets. It also has amazing animal characters.
    Here is Old MacDonald just before he is being interviewed by Kermit the Frog. His cow Bessie showed up on the street on a regular basis. The horse was also Forgetful Jone's partner in crime. The duck visits Big Bird in his nest and the sheep also played one of little Bo Peep's sheep. You never know who will turn up on Sesame Street.
  11. Monsterpiece Theater with Alistair Cookie introduces classic movies and books to a young audience in a way that is both fun and instructive. What is your favourite? I love Guys and Dolls.
  12. Who can forget when Lily Tomlin's Ernestine annoyed Oscar the Grouch?
  13. Does it matter if Bert and Ernie are more than friends and roommates?
    No. No it does not. Feel the love. Spread the love. Sesame Street is a community based on spreading love and acceptance throughout the universe. I want a Doctor Who version with weeping angels and cyber men and Daleks. https://youtu.be/vRcnY0X5Y84
  14. My favourite Sesame Street arc was when Maria and Luis fell in love and got married.
    Bid Bird was their ring bearer and Linda was Matron of Honor. I could watch this arc over and over again. I want to own all of Sesame Street (all 46 seasons) on DVD. I'd even buy the foreign versions and I especially want copies of Sesame Park. Could someone get on this, please.
  15. I miss watching Sesame Street. 😢🎭