I am a previously poor child who has been overeducated and is once again living below the poverty line and has too many middle class values to feel like she belongs anywhere. And is, it seems, prone to rambling. 📚ðŸĪ” This list looks at how "class" plays a role in my life.
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    Trailer parks vs RV parks.
    I spent summers in a trailer park as a teen because that was where my dad and his new family lived. There, I finally got to be a big sister instead of just the littlest. 🚜 The rest of the year was spent in a low rental house, in a small farm town, with my mom and other siblings. Now, I walk around my neighbourhood and am stunned by how many people have fancy RVs for their summer camping needs. 🏕
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    Public school vs private.
    I attended public school from kindergarten to grade 12. I went to a radical university for my undergraduate classes and then went elite (McGill) for my Masters degree. I ended up overeducated and too smart for my own good. ðŸ’ļ📜 I enjoyed all the learning but it didn't lead to bigger and better jobs.
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    Birthday parties. Home Based vs Extravaganza.
    All my birthdays have been quiet low-key affairs. I shudder watching my great nieces/nephews having 2 big parties every year with DQ cakes and tons of presents. 🎈🎉🎁🎁🎁🎂
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    Holiday at Grandmas vs Disneyland.
    90 percent of my holidays are staycactions or visits to see relatives. ðŸ‘ī🏞ðŸ‘ĩ🏞I hope to be able to afford Disneyland before I'm too achy to enjoy it. 🎉🎉🏰
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    Elvis vs Beethoven.
    I listen to all types of music. I have very eclectic tastes. I listen to folk and rock and country and musicals and jazz and classical. You could not pinpoint me just by looking at my CDs or iTunes lists. ðŸ’ŋðŸ“ŧðŸŽ™ðŸ“ą
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    Walmart vs Tiffany's.
    My clothes come from the cheapest stores. I spend no more than $100 on an outfit. I own three pairs of shoes. 👚👖👟ðŸ‘ĒðŸ‘Ą I don't aspire to diamonds but wouldn't mind something in jade or Ivory. 💍💎ðŸ“ŋ I think I would be afraid to even step into Tiffany's.
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    Daisy Duke shorts vs Bikinis.
    Low class women wear Daisy Duke shorts all summer serving up beer and washing cars. 🏖 High class women wear teeny tiny bikinis 👙 on the French Rivera. ðŸšĪ I wear neither.
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    KFC vs Tavern on the Green.
    I've eaten way too much KFC/Burger King/A & W/Subway junk. 🍗🍔ðŸŒŪ🍕🍟ðŸŒŊ🌭 I aspire to fancy sit down restaurants with a reputation and a view. Give me Sabayon or give me death. ðŸŪðŸĄðŸēðŸą
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    Beer vs Champagne.
    I don't like either beer 🍚 or champagne ðŸū. I'm more of a wine cooler type of gal or if I had more money, I would totally be one of those ladies enjoying a two hour, six cocktail lunch. ðŸđ
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    ? vs Academic language.
    I talk too high-class. I've been reading since I was seven. I read over 200 books a year and know many words and concepts that my peers do not. I always have. This made my schoolmates classify me as stuck-up when all I really was doing was hiding in books trying to better myself. The irony is I bettered my language and eduction but not my class. I started out poor and it looks like that's where I'm going to end up.
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    ðŸĪ”🎓🐭 Thoughtful over-educated mouse, that's me!