A Festival of Trees list. This year's theme was Nature's Magical Christmas. The money earned goes to support the local city hospital. I've been going to this event for over twenty years. I'm not always in the city the week it happens but I try to go when I can. I shall try to accurately name each tree but it's been two weeks since I went. Enjoy.
  1. Static
    This is Spirit or Solstice or Enchanted Moonlight. I love the blue lights and the frosted grapes.
  2. Static
    A close-up of the rainbow tree. Full view coming below. I love the big ribbons and balls.
  3. Static
    Lots of stuffed animals were everywhere. This bunny sits solemnly waiting for Santa.
  4. Static
    And here he is!
  5. Static
    This green shimmer reminds me of green grass and pine trees.
  6. Static
    There were lots of owls nesting in branches. "Who was good? Who was not?" they hoot.
  7. Static
    Blue shimmer. Ahh, I spy Anna. This must be the Frozen tree.
  8. Static
    Big Santa. Big elves.
  9. Static
    Big and little polar bears.
  10. Static
    A Victorian steampunk tree. Lovely topper. A multitude of time pieces.
  11. Static
    Bears and bunnies. Owls and deer. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Plaid Night is the name of this tree. There were also costumes. This one, I think, is Puck from a Midsummer's Dream.
  12. Static
    This bear is wondering if you were naughty or nice.
  13. Static
    The trees are arranged down Boomtown's Main Street in our local history museum.
  14. Static
    A Natural Place to be had faux silvery birds clinging to the branches.
  15. Static
    Colours of the Wind was the name of the rainbow tree. I was attracted to it the minute I walked in.
  16. Static
    I like densely decorated trees. They look so majestic in their abundance.
  17. Static
    Another view down the lane. The red and white tree is another favourite. It is called Peppermint Lane.
  18. Static
    A close-up of A Sleepy Christmas and reflecting lights.
  19. Static
    Deer pulling sled carrying two woodland creatures.
  20. Static
    Birds and bird houses being watched over by raccoon and bears.
  21. Static
    The top of Silver Lining and
  22. Static
    the bottom of Silver Lining. A Porcupine in a Pine Tree is the Canadian version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.
  23. Static
    I love this colourful busy close-up. It is a rainbow cornucopia of stuff.
  24. Static
    Three trumpeting angels. I only count two. Perhaps I missed photographing one.
  25. Static
    A sparkly view down a side street.
  26. Static
    'Tis the Season was a collection of four trees depicting the four seasons.
  27. Static
    Here is Spring, Summer and Autumn.
  28. Static
    Here is Summer, Autumn and Winter.
  29. Static
    Here is a closer view of Autumn and Winter. Autumn was my favourite tree.
  30. Static
    Close-up of a Nativity tree.
  31. Static
    Frosty Friend's Magical Adventures. I should have sat on the floor to take this picture. Darn ribbon 🎀.
  32. Static
    Inuits adventuring at the North Pole abounded.
  33. Static
    Cardinals, owls and shiny white snowflakes and stars sit on a field of black.
  34. Static
    The second part of the Festival was composed of costume displays. This is the front of Poison Ivy
  35. Static
    and here is the back. I love the red hair.
  36. Static
    Here is the front of Pixie Dust. I'm not a big fan of the shoulder rosettes.
  37. Static
    I do, however, love the wings.
  38. Static
    I love the butterflies on this dress. I would wear it with and without the wings.
  39. Static
    The wings are very cape like.
  40. Static
    I adored this peacock dress. There is a similar mask in my Party City Shopping list.
  41. Static
    These were my favourite wings.
  42. Static
    I like the understated smallness of them.
  43. Static
    I'm not a big fan of the Midsummer's Night dress. I liked Puck's look better.
  44. Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night. 🎅🏽🎁🚂🎼⭐️️