Inspired by @nikkilounoel and many, many others
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    Number of hours waiting vs number of hours early.
    My sister is always late. I am always early as is my mother. My mother has no patience (I got all the patience in our family) and all too often it is me and my mother waiting for my sister. Ugh 😑.
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    Hours walking vs hours driving.
    I walk mostly everywhere. I've owned two vehicles in my whole life for one year each. I'm not a car person. I'd much rather walk or take the bus. I'm happy to leave the driving to someone else.
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    Time spent reading vs time spent watching tv 📺.
    I read approximately 100 books a year RN but I also watch a lot of television and movies. The question is "Where do the web hours" go as I both read and watch on my many devices (iPad, computer, phone).
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    Money spent on magazines vs money spent on books.
    I think I'd come out even here. When I was in university, I bought around twenty+ magazines a month but since then I've spent more money on books. Now I get my magazines via Texture and many of my books from iBooks and Kindle.
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    The total number of books that I have read.
    I read more when I was growing up. I added up the books I read when I was twenty and it came in at over 300 books that year. My reading has only slowed down over the last year or two. So if I approximate 200 books per year x 50 years reading that would be 10,000 books. Wow 😳!
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    Time alone vs time spent with people.
    I'm extremely introverted but have also been forced into many social situations. Not sure how this would go? Though I have noticed that the older I get the more time I seem to spend alone. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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    Time spent watching other people's children.
    I worked in child care from the age of 13 to thirty and have 21 nieces and nephews plus many, many great-nieces and nephews. There was a time when I swear I babysat every child under ten in my small town. I want to compare the paid hours vs the unpaid.
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    How many Sisyphean tasks I have performed.
    Tasks such as shovelling snow, doing laundry, cooking, and mowing grass. Those endless tasks that just keep generating work. Just keep rolling that boulder up that hill!
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    What my pets were thinking.
    Did they like me? Would they have preferred to live somewhere else. Were they actually starbing or just trolling me? This one, IMO, does a lot of trolling. 😼
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    What happened to my pets.
    Where did Willy end up when he decided not to move with us to the new house? Did Son get run over graduation weekend or was he just freaked out by all the commotion and decided to find a new home? Why is it the males that always wander!
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    Everything wrong or evil that I did.
    But not evil thoughts 💭Everyone has evil thoughts, don't they?
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    The snow pictures were taken at my nephew's farm last week after our three day storm. ⛈