Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva
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    1. Happy
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    2. Shadows
    I like how the tree in front of my house throws a shadow over the driveway and the street. I bought an old house on an old street lined with tall old trees. I love it.
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    3. Bent
    I love my toilet roll holder. It is so easy to change the roll. My brother changes the direction it hangs every time he visits and I don't mind (even though his way is the wrong way) because it is so easy to change it back. The stars ✨ in the corner are part of my shower curtain.
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    4. Heights
    I took a picture looking up rather than looking down from a great height. This is about as tall as most of our buildings get. During the hotel's 75th anniversary year, the hotel gave tours which included the tip of the tower. I couldn't go. It seems I was always working on the day they gave the tour.
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    5. Shallow
    A shallow field of dandelions (as in not deep or wide in this case). This challenge took me a while. I kept thing shallow as in vain or shallow as in shallow water and I couldn't think of how to photograph either.
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    6. Drip
    I took a slow-mo video of my tap dripping but couldn't figure out how to download it to list so you're getting a picture of the sink post dripping. (And a bonus run on sentence). πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
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    7. On the Wall
    Discovered on the wall of my local city library. They also had a stag and rhino 🦏. I only took a picture of the unicorn πŸ¦„. Because, unicorn!
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    8. Hands
    My eldest sister and her youngest grandson working on Saturday. She was letting him borrow her shirt so that he could paint his creation. Which he took home later much to the chagrin of his father. I'm lucky that I get to observe and enjoy the latest generation even though I am myself childfree.
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    9. Favourite Colour
    This instantly caught my eye last week as it stood out in the parking lot of bland and familiar vehicles. (Notice the cute license plate.) 🚘 I like colours that pop and stand out but my wardrobe is mostly bland and black. I don't want to stand out!
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    10. Beautiful
    I love glimpsing the full moon πŸŒ• between the trees 🌳. This photo was taken with my iPad and turned out quite nicely I think. This is the current full moon. It is the Flower 🌺 Moon.
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    11. On the Road
    A close up of the car from day #9. I was on the road visiting the city when I saw this car. I think this would be both a neat and annoying car to drive with all these creatures in the back window. Neat because the car makes me smile and annoying because the toy's noise and potential ruin would bug (🐜 ha) me. I hope they are secured and don't slide around when the car is on the road.
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    12. Sweet
    Under my bedroom window someone had painted the words "Some day, sugar, you gonna find no one in this world gonna give you sweet." The grammar bothered me more than what it said. (From the short story Phoenix Farm by Jane Yolen in Bruce Coville's Book of Magic).
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    13. Blue
    A cloudy ⛅️ blue in one of my favourite places. Not Quite A Tourist. Not Quite A Townie. I didn't get to go there this year because I am broke. I'm not working. No. I don't have a paid job. I am taking care of my mom and stepdad and making just enough to cover the bills. I want a career. I want to use my brain again. Anyway, a cloudy sky that reflects my cloudy blue mood.
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    14. Black/White
    Night pictures are hard to take especially when all you have is the newest iPad and a version 4 iPhone. This was taken with the iPad and turned out pretty good. I need to do more black and white photography. Technically, this is a colour photo. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
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    15. Tree
    Weeping willows are my favourite tree. I always wanted to make a fort under one so that I could be hidden and still be able to watch the world go by. I like hidden places.
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    16. Fluffy
    Rocket πŸš€ Racoon and baby Groot. Fluffy. β™₯️This is from my city trip last week when I also visited Build A Bear and learnt that there will be a Wonder Woman cat. Which I thought I might like until I went to the website. Sorry it is too red, white and blue. I think I just want a regular cat wearing a Wonder Woman outfit.
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    17. Time
    This is the clock tower at the tip top of the old post office. It is over 100 years old and still chimes the hours every day (and night too, perhaps, I'm not downtown that late). I'm old enough that I remember when there was a noon whistle every day. In the summer, when you heard it, you knew it was time to go home for lunch. Time flies.
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    18. On Your Plate
    Yesterday's lunch. The Salvation Army puts on a lunch Wednesday at noon for $7.00. It is mostly seniors. I go with my mom and stepdad. Yesterday there was oven chicken, potato salad and coleslaw. The dessert was either rice or coconut pudding. It was okay. As my mom stated, it's better than cooking for yourself. Excuse the bad picture. I was trying to go unnoticed.
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    19. Painted
    I have had this oil painting for over twenty years. It was painted by a friend of my Montreal boyfriend. Laverne was going to throw it out and I rescued it. I loved the painting. It had graves and crosses and dancing feminists. It was a much brighter red when I first acquired it. The colours have faded over the last twenty years but I still love this painting.
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    20. Outside
    They fixed the sidewalk outside my house today. I have lived here three years and it was broken when I came. They did it early in the morning. The noise of the machines scared my cat and sent the dogs next door to barking. It was very hard for me to not go and leave my mark in the fresh cement. I resisted the temptation and the squares are still pristine. β™₯️
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    21. Hard Work
    When I bought my house three years ago (my first house) I also got a garden. I do not garden. The first year it looked okay because I bought just before summer and the previous owners had it planned out. The next year my sister used it for her potatoes. This year I am starting a wild garden. Yesterday I planted milkweed which will hopefully grow and attract Monarch butterflies πŸ¦‹. Gardening is hard work and I am no good at it. All I feel when I try to garden is inadequate, sweaty, and hot.
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    22. Hard Work
    My mom is a gardener as is my eldest sister. My eldest sister says my moms' mom liked to garden as well but I never saw it. They love to be outside. I hate to garden and do yard work. My yard depresses me every time I look at it because it will never look as nice as their yards do. I can handle most hard work but I hate yard work! My yard only looks this nice because the people who owned the house before me kept it up. I stress over how my yard will look after a few more years under my care. πŸ˜“
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    23. Space
    This is the last church my maternal grandfather helped build. I was there last week for the funeral of my mother's eldest cousin who was in his nineties. It is a lovely church with lots of space throughout. It is the church I would like to buried from. I took this picture from a side aisle middle pew looking up. All I could see was space!
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    24. Dark
    This is not full dark. This is twilight. The time just before the evening is becoming dark. Twilight is my favourite time of day.
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    25. A Pet
    The first family pet I remember is Willie. He was a tom cat and spent as much time outside as he did in. He was pure white and when he was older he gracefully adopted the new puppy we were gifted with. They use to sleep curled up on the bed together and would join me when I read under the bed.
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    26. Motion
    One forgets that the earth is in motion until one looks up to watch the clouds. 🌏 ☁️ ⛅️
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    27. A Wish
    Right now I would wish for free life time access to a gardener and a chef πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³. Elphaba would tell me to do my own work but Glinda might grant me one little wish. ✨
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    28. A Moment
    This moment is from 2 summers ago. The bride was a friend from high school. This was her second marriage to someone she loved in high school. She was insanely happy and at one point interrupted the ceremony to proclaim "it's my wedding and I'll cry if I want to." Such happy tears. Such a perfect moment.
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    29. A Pair
    I went to the Winds πŸ’¨ of Change rally on Wednesday. We are protesting our province's budget. There were a lot of health care workers there. One of them had a pair of puppets; a nurse and a chef. Even the inanimate are not a fan of this budget.
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    30. Dance
    A very bad picture from my great-niece's dance recital. I screenshoted it from a not very good video. She was a black kitty cat and danced cutely as did the rest of her class. I always wanted to take ballet and had the legs for it until I hit puberty and the boobs got away from me. Never did get ballet lessons because they weren't offered when I was a wee bit.
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    31. Rough
    I started with a cat and I end with a cat.