Did you know that a group of cats is called a glaring. I did not. This is not a glaring of cats. This is just one cat mostly glaring.
  1. March 2015. Lulu came to live with me in November 2014 when she was about one year old. She is my most recent second-hand cat.
  2. April 2015. Lulu was my niece's cat. She got her when her daughter was a baby. She was told Lulu was a mixed breed cat. Look - she matches my furniture!
  3. May 2015. As the months went by it became very obvious that what Lulu was is mostly Siamese.
  4. Heat seeking photo mode. Can you find Lulu?
  5. October 2015. Siamese cats are not good cats for young children. So Lulu came to live with me - the quiet solitary spinster aunt! Lulu in one of her amazing sleep modes!
  6. February 2016. We mostly get along. Sometimes she is too smart for her own good. Here she is watching for birds.
  7. March 2016. I got scratched a lot when she first came. She hid a lot and talked a lot. She never purrs. Here she is inquiring as to what other cats I have been consorting with.
  8. Peachie Pie is the other cat/kitten that I am consorting with. He is my niece's family's new cat.
  9. This is Lulu glaring! She is so over having her picture taken (just like me - I hate having my picture taken)!