Inspired by @adriennefranke
  1. Adrienne colours were pastels. Mine are more vibrant and gothy. Shades/Colors I Like A Lot
  2. Copper.
    A bright shiny colour. I want to do a living room wall in this colour. Just one wall. The one opposite the windows so that the light will make it shine.
  3. Halloween orange and black.
    This is the colour I want to paint my study. I was thinking one wall black and three orange but I'm liking this mural idea much better.
  4. Vibrant Raspberry Red.
    My favourite. I think I'll match it with the copper in the living room.
  5. Sundelightful Yellow.
    I'd like it in the kitchen but I think doing all the walls this bright would be too much.
  6. Bright pink and blue.
    Outside. Inside. Pink front door maybe. My house is blueish. Best for a girl's room but I don't have children. Maybe mix the blue with the copper and raspberry red in the living room or maybe do the spare bedroom in these colours. I worked in a museum that had bright mixed walls - blues and purples and greens. It looked marvellous.
  7. Painted Ladies. San Francisco.
    I'm a big fan of Victorian houses. I love them painted in vibrant colours and these houses have a lot of rooms inside to experiment on using many different colour combinations. Plus all the rooms have such different shapes - octagons, squares, circles and rectangles. It would be one big colour project! 😜
  8. Lego.
    I would have wanted this Lego set when I was younger and liked playing with blocks.
  9. The irony is that I play it safe. The walls in my house right now are light whites, beiges and yellows.
    I own this house. I'm paying off this house. I'm still reluctant to paint the walls because what if I have to sell it quickly. Boring sells quicker.
  10. Will I ever be brave enough to experiment on my walls and in my life?