Today is National Sister's Day. I have 5. This is a list to celebrate and explain my sisters.
  1. My dad was married twice. He and mom had three girls and a boy. He and my stepmom had two boys and three girls.
  2. In my mind, our mountain range is the Three Sisters as seen from Canmore, AB.
    As seen from left to right - big, middle, small.
  3. The big sister is four years older than me and is a typical eldest child. She is focused, dedicated, smart and always right. She has been in the health care field since she graduated high school.
    She has had one career and one family. She is matriarch to 4 kids and 7 grandchildren. I could never be her. She was responsible for babysitting her siblings at a very young age because Dad left and mom was alone. She was her daddy's favourite child.
  4. The middle sister is opinionated, bossy, and somewhat petty. She created a new family for herself at 18 when she married her high school boyfriend. They started dating at 13 and are still together 40 some years later.
    They work to better only themselves and their immediate family. Their song is Young Turks by Rod Stewart. She use to lock me in the scary basement but she was also the only one who "got" me when I was a teenager. Love and family are complicated.
  5. I am small. The youngest daughter from the original family.
    This is baby me sandwiched between my original two sisters.
  6. The big half-sister is six years younger than me. I did not meet her until I was twelve. I shared her room with her the first summer I met and stayed with my father and his new family. She's smart, arty, capable and a bit stuck-up. She's been married twice and is dating. Both the big sisters are very typical over-achievers and eldest children.
    We fought and teased and didn't want to share a bed and a room. We were both witches threatening to put a curse on the other. She who was use to having older brothers suddenly had to cope with having three older sisters as well.
  7. The middle half-sister is damaged, arty, introverted, and single like me. She lives alone and owns her own house. She is the farthest away from everyone else physically. Dad's alcoholism effected her and my eldest half-brother the most.
    She is the most like me. My two youngest sisters were born after my dad decided to bring us all together again. I wish I saw her more. I wish she didn't hurt so much. I wish I could have saved her from dad. I think she, like me, is mostly happy with her life. Her and my youngest half-sister are very close. She use to eat fire for a living and like me is a faux redhead who's mostly growing grey now.
  8. The small half-sister is outgoing, extroverted, friend to all and raised a very amazing son all by her self. What I find amazing is she resembles my mother and I am often mistaken for her mother's birth child. She is close to both her sisters in different ways and can charm both her brothers. As the baby she was dad's favourite daughter.
    She laughs well and cries little. She just recently moved back in with her mother to make it easier for my step-mom. She and my eldest sister are both outdoorsy and love to travel. There is at least twenty years between the two of them. It's strange how alike they are.
  9. I am quiet and happiest alone. I've lived with all my sisters (separately and together) at various stages of my life. I wish we could all live in the same neighbourhood in the same city. I know so little of their day to day lives. I know too much of their hearts. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  10. I love all my sisters. All of them also annoy and torment me. This is family. This is love.
  11. This is our irresponsible, too handsome, cad of a father just before his eldest daughter was conceived.