Requested by eric

Snoopy's Alter Egos, Ranked.

This was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Snoopy has had more alter egos than I thought. The list goes from least liked to wow, this is the Snoopy I want to know.
  1. World Famous Golf Pro.
    I'm not a golf fan. Who said "Golf is a good walk ruined"?
  2. World Famous Baseball Manager.
    At least I understand baseball. I use to keep score in High School so I didn't have to play.
  3. World Famous Hired Hand.
    This is when Lucy hired him to help her plant a garden.
  4. World Famous Surveyor.
    Snoopy is always world famous! 😉
  5. Lawyer.
    Has he ever won a case?
  6. Snow Snake.
    Back when the series started most of his alter egos were other animals.
  7. World Famous Disco Dancer.
    This must be the 1970s - Disco's greatest era.
  8. Shortstop.
    What other position would a beagle play on a baseball team?
  9. Easter Beagle.
    Love, love, love the Easter Beagle.
  10. Magician.
    With Woodstock as pretty assistant of course.
  11. World Famous Census Taker.
    We just finished our national census up here in Canada. None of our census workers were as intrepid as Snoopy.
  12. Scout Master or French Legionnaire.
    He leads the Beagle Scouts and has run away at least once to join the French Foreign Legion.
  13. World Famous Hockey Player.
    Snoopy is a big fan of ice sports.
  14. World Famous Crabby Skating Pro.
    This was when Peppermint Patty had big ice skating dreams. Like Olympic dreams big.
  15. Blackjack Snoopy.
    On a riverboat on the Mississippi.
  16. Vulture.
    I love, love, love vulture Snoopy. I wish I could stare that long.
  17. World Famous Pirate.
    With a scurvy band of birds looking for treasure.
  18. First Beagle on the Moon.
    In colour.
  19. First Beagle on the Moon.
    The original strips ran in the 1960s when men first walked on the moon.
  20. WW1 Flying Ace.
    I love all the WW1 strips. The ones when he is flying, the ones where he visits the trenches and the yearly tributes to D-Day (which is, of course, WW2).
  21. Dracula.
    I own a figurine of this alter ego. I think Snoopy looks cute in a cape with fangs.
  22. Joe Cool.
    Almost number one. So, so cool in his sunglasses and letterman's jacket. Or in leather. So so cool.
  23. Writer.
    But I am a writer so, of course, writer Snoopy must be number one!
  24. Snoopy and his brothers.
    As a bonus, here is a picture of Snoopy and his brothers. Left to right are Spike, Andy, Marbles and Olaf. Snoopy as Joe Cool is in the centre.
  25. The Many Faces of Snoopy.
    Snoopy has a big imagination and has had multiple alter egos.
  26. Go here for the list of Snoopy's alter egos.