It is going to be 24c today. Here is what everyone is wearing.
  1. Dresses.
    Thankfully also wearing tights. I saw this on a young lady this morning when it was only 4c. She had on a lovely blue dress with lavender tights. She looked stylish.
  2. Shorts.
    Saw on a young man going to school around the same time. No coat. No hat. I got cold just looking at him.
  3. Short shorts and a sleeveless tee.
    Saw on one of the young mothers out walking their babies around noon.
  4. Jeans and a short sleeved t-shirt.
    What my 82 year old mother wore on her walk this morning. She is always warm.
  5. Winter coat, hat, gloves and jeans.
    What my 82 year old step-dad wore on the same walk. He is always cold.
  6. Jeans, shirt, coat and gloves.
    What I wore to walk the dog at 8am when it was still 4c. It's not warm enough, imo, to go without a coat. I am, however, wearing my spring coat.
  7. This week's weather will be as high as 24c and as low as minus 7.
    🌥🌥☀️☀️☀️🌥🌥. No snow in the forecast ❄️. Yeah.