Top Ten Favourite Canadian TV Shows 🇨🇦 📺

Inspired by @MissLorre
  1. I am shocked at how many Canadian tv shows there are. Here is a link to (most of) the shows in English.
  2. 10. Canadian Children's programs such as The Littlest Hobo, Mr. Dress up, The Friendly Giant, and Sesame Park.
    The littlest hobo is a collie dog that rescues people as he travels here there and everywhere across Canada. Mr. Dress Up and The Friendly Giant were weekday morning staples. Sesame Park is the Canadian version of Sesame Street which has numerous country specific franchises. I still watch them when I run across them. Everyone on these shows is so polite and helpful. So Canadian!
  3. 9. Road To Avonlea
    From the same company and era as Anne of Green Gables. It ends just after the First World War with Gus and Cecily's wedding.
  4. 8. Murdoch Mysteries
    Set in Toronto at the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s. An interesting merging of fact and fiction. Mark Twain has appeared as has Sherlock Holmes. As an amateur historian a single episode can both delight and annoy me.
  5. 7. Da Vinci's Inquest
    It is about a coroner in Vancouver, BC. Handsome men covering a wide age range, beautiful scenery, and compelling contemporary stories.
  6. 6. Flash Point
    Another crime show set in contemporary Toronto though I'm not sure that is overtly stated. Veronica Mar's dad is in it and there is a good gender mix along with current stories.
  7. 5. Street Legal
    Toronto lawyers fight for justice and flirt with each other. It was interesting to see the differences between the Canadian and American law systems. Eric Peterson (far left) is one of my favourite Canadian actors. I adore him as Billy Bishop.
  8. 4. Marketplace
    Canada's consumer watchdogs. It has been on a very, very, very long time. I've watched it since high school. Stompin' Tom use to do the theme song.
  9. 3. Excuse My French
    No one ever remembers this show that was on in the 70s. It was about a bilingual (French/English) married couple who lives in Montreal and their racist parents. It helped me to "get" what the French/English divide was all about. I loved it. I think this is when I first fell in love with Montreal.
  10. 2. The Tommy Hunter Show
    I watched it every Friday night from the time I was seven until it went off the air. I miss it.
  11. 1. Wayne and Shuster
    Use to do clean, literary comedy specials on CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Company - our version of PBS). It was fun for the whole family.
  12. To all of us . . .