1. Deciding to go to university after working at the same job for over twenty years.
    I started out in child care at 13 and took care of other people's children until I was thirty. I then travelled 3,000 miles to get my BA in Applied Social Science and my Masters in Library and Information Studies. I gained a lot of knowledge but not great job hunting skills. I am currently bored and unemployed but have never regretted paying a fortune for a higher education. In fact, I miss university and would go back for another Masters if I could afford to without going into debt.
  2. Buying a house.
    By myself. For myself. I'm closer to family which is both a blessing and a curse. After moving over 20 times over a 20 year span it's nice to be settled in one place. It's harder because it's a small provincial town (shout out to Belle). It forces me to confront myself and what I want. RN I need a job that is mostly online and a little bit challenging. Any ideas or links would be welcome. (I'm learning that sometimes you have to ask for help).
  3. Choosing to be childfree.
    I started babysitting before I was 13 and did it almost every day until I turned 30. I flunked out of Early Childhood Education because all the practicums were in day cares. I grew up poor with a single mom and absent dad. I learnt early how expensive and hard it was to raise children. I knew I didn't have the temperament for it. Now that I'm the primary emotional support for my elderly mother I'm so glad I don't also have to support children. Not all of us should be or want to be parents.
  4. Going to Scotland alone.
    My dad's father came over from Scotland when he was barely 20. He promised that he would take each grandchild back to visit but died before he could. I have apsergers so I am terrified to travel far distances without a plan of knowing what will happen day to day. Nevertheless, I planned the trip as a 50th birthday celebration and went and mostly enjoyed. I went with a tour group which helped. I'd like to go back and also to Poland where my mom's parents come from.
  5. (Continued). . .
  6. Being resilient.
    I don't know how. I don't know why. But I've almost always been resilient. I roll with the punches. My life operates on an even keel. My emotions are flatlined; no extreme highs or lows. Partly it's the Aspergers. Partly it's the reading. Partly it's the conditioning. I spent my third year with my depressed old world grandma 👵🏼. She had certain ideas about children being seen and not heard and being helpful. It doesn't really matter. It means I have the ability to handle rough seas well.