The struggle is real
  1. Well, they're pretty to look at.
  2. It's super difficult to type on an iPhone. And you better have autocorrect on. I also can't stand the sound of them clicking across the screen as a write this.
  3. I'm an audio engineer. That requires me to push buttons. Which is super difficult now.
  4. I've stabbed myself in the eye a few times so that's cool
  5. It's really difficult to pick small things up. If you for some reason need to pick a needle up off of table don't even bother
  6. Lol @ trying to button a shirt
  7. Lol @ trying to put on strappy heels
  8. If you have a dog avoid touching him/her because you might accidentally Stab them with your finger
  9. Typing on a computer is a real frustrating adventure.
  10. Using a laptop mouse is a real frustrating adventure
  11. Changing the channel is more difficult than it should be
  12. Putting on makeup is super interesting. Holding a makeup brush is a tough task
  13. I've found that one upside is that they kinda double as a hair brush