The Rock Hall sucks, mostly because the inductees.
  1. The Doors.
    The Doors are terrible. They didn't change music, they made it worse with crappy organ. If you like them, you are a 16-year-old boy or an asshole.
  2. John Lennon (Solo)
    This dude isn't a Beatle and he isn't in the Hall. Period. Prove me wrong. like that song? Shut the fuck up.
  3. Rod Stewart
    Has one good album. Everything else is shit your dad puts on when he bangs your mom. Name me one legit Rod Stewart fan and you get $5.
  4. The Bee Gees
    Selling a lot of records and singing falsetto doesn't deserve enshrinement in anything. And their pre-SNF material is unbearable.
  5. Dave Clark Five
    You can't name more than one Dave Clark Five song...Actually, you can't actually name one.
  6. ABBA
    Holy shit, no. They sang fucking Waterloo. Case closed.
  7. Chicago
    No. Those horns are horrible and so is Chicago.
  8. Deep Purple
    Hair metal before the hairspray. Deep Purple is the Def Leppard of the 70s. Both don't deserve to be in the hall.