My first list for the sake of listing
  1. A restless night can always be countered by icy water or hot coffee.
  2. Every waking day is a chance to do something new. And the coolest part? No one has to know about it! Shhh...
  3. You're still ticking. A new day is a sure-fire sign you didn't die in your sleep.
  4. Weather. Sprinkles, heatwaves, big chills—wake up and enjoy a varying temp.
  5. The unofficial reset button. Bad Tuesday? Here's your chance at a smashing Wednesday.
  6. Waking up to others. Even if you live alone, they're out there.
  7. Coffee.
    (Repeat as necessary.)
  8. A new day = new art (to your eyes, at least!)
    Courtesy of Susan O'Malley & Pascal, 8 years old
  9. It's your time to shine brightly, even if it's just for you. If you can't figure out how, don't fret! Tomorrow is a new day.