After you spend 7+ hours with a classroom full of 6-year-olds, you know it's been a good day when...
  1. The bodily fluids on your clothes are your own.
    Ugh. The worst.
  2. All your students get picked up on time.
    Whoo! Getting home before the sun goes down!
  3. You didn't have to speak to a single parent.
    Trust me, I don't want I talk to you as much as you don't want to talk to me. Probably more.
  4. No one came in your classroom to observe you.
    Corollary: and you didn't get written up for BS'ing your way through half your lesson.
  5. Your problem student is absent/goes home early.
    It's like a mini-vacation 😎🌴
  6. You haven't been called to the front office.
    For good or bad; it's never a pleasant feeling.
  7. You didn't cry... Even if you caused a little kid to.
    Though, honestly, my kids this year will cry about anything.