34th Birthday Dos, no Don'ts

I just turned 34 and I felt very privileged to celebrate the day with my lover and friends in NYC doing anything I wanted. And so can you. (As inspired and suggested by @Nicholas).
  1. Bottomless Norwegian smågodt breakfast
    You'll have to go there to get some. Or I can hook you up with a dealer, but it'll cost you. And she'll cut you.
  2. Walk slowly across Williamsburg bridge to Manhattan in the sun (not pictured)
    Often, often, I walk that bridge often. But it was especially delightful on the 5th of September. It was a walk to remember. Yes I will.
  3. The Impossible Burger for lunch at Momofuku
    A scientific wonder, aaaaalmost as good as In-N-Out, and somehow all vegetarian. Show up a little before noon, there's only a limited number of burgers every day. Even if it's your birthday and you're an obscure singer/songwriter from Norway. You'll feel like a mere mortal waiting in line, but it's worth it.
  4. The Museum Of Sex
    Some culture to balance out the excess.
  5. Stroll through Washington Square Park like a goddamn tourist
    You know you want it.
  6. All the donuts you can eat at The Donut Project
    The ricotta beet donut is my favorite but it's your (my) birthday so why not try them all?
  7. Madonna: Truth Or Dare at The Metrograph
    One of the greatest music documentaries ever. I'm sure a lot of the fly-on-the-wall-scenes were staged and loosely scripted, but it all f e e l s incredibly candid and bold. Perhaps this is where Madonna invented reality TV? Also, the performances are so cool (except for the terrible Family Affair finale). Madonna at her most brilliant, funny, kick-ass, compassionate, cynical and seductive. I say, 'Bravo'.
  8. Dinner at Lilia in Williamsburg
    Well — turns out you have to book this restaurant weeks in advance, even on a Monday. Even on my birthday. So I haven't really been. I hear it's nice. In stead we went to a merely ok restaurant where 6 old ladies, who had just arrived from London, sang Happy Birthday to me, so the joke's clearly on Lilia. And the dessert was on the house, so, yeah.
  9. Overpriced drinks at Williamsburg's The Ides bar overlooking Manhattan
    I guess you're paying for the view. And to charge your iPhone. It's almost worth it. Didn't take any photos so here's this cool old leather jacket my gf gave me that morning. Again, you're paying for the view.
  10. Prosecco & Jazz at St Mazie with friends
    The sparkling end to my favorite birthday ever. Feel free to follow my 34th birthday routine the next time you're 34.